Kako trgovati CFD-je, ki sledijo indeksom 


Oglejte si video kako trgovati s CFD na indekse na platformi SaxoTrader.​
Više pojedinosti o CFD na indekse ​​​


Welcome to CFD Indices Trading with Saxo Bank. In this tutorial I am going to show you a few quick tips to help you to get started with CFD Index trading on the SaxoTrader Platform.


  1. Let's begin by creating a new view; click on File > View > Add View
  2. To view the available CFD Indices for trading, select Trading, thenInstrument Explorer and drop down to CFDs and expand Indices.
  3. Here, you can find the list of available CFD indices for trading.
  4. You can also search for a CFD Index of your choice by entering its name or ticker into the "Look for" field. For example, enter "DAX" into the field.​


  1. Right click on the chosen CFD Index in order to open the Trade Ticket.
  2. Choose the Trade tab. Green window indicates that the price is realtime and ready to trade on.
  3. Enter the number of CFD index you would like to trade in the Quantity field.
  4. For example 10 DAX CFD Indices.
  5. The cost of trading can be viewed in the Info section of the trade ticket prior to placing the trade.
  6. Please note that if you keep your CFD index position overnight, every end of the month you will be charged CFD financing cost.
  7. An estimation of the daily financing is displayed in the trade ticket next toEst. interest/day.
  8. CFD Indices are margin products and you can find information about the trade's impact on your margin in the Margin section.
  9. If you wish to place related orders immidiately after the initial order is placed, please tick the box "Open Related Orders dialog after trade".
  10. Place a market order to buy 10 DAX CFD contracts by simply clikcing on the green ASK window.
  11. trade confirmation appears on the screen if the market order is executed and you will also see the CFD (related) Orders window.
  12. Set your related stop and/or limit orders and click "Place order(s)"​


  1. To view the status of your account and the newly opened DAX positions go toAccount > Account Summary
  2. Here you have the ability to close your open position or check your related stop and/or limit orders by clicking on the blue, red or green icons.
  3. In order the view your position on the chart right click on DAX in theinstrument explorer and click New Chart from the list. Here you can see your open position with the related stop and limit orders as well.​

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